Why is Working with MBEs Important?

Not only does working with a Hispanic owned/ woman owned business help you authentically connect with important demographics, but it is also a smart business move for a variety of other reasons.  Hiring an MBE promotes diversity and inclusion in your business. Contractor diversity certifications act as proof that your company is meeting inclusion requirements which open the door to additional opportunities such as tax incentives or networking opportunities. Working with a minority-owned business can increase your cost savings by allowing you to tap into a large number of public and private sector programs. This increased access to government contracting opportunities will allow your organization to grow rapidly. as well as taking advantage of federal and state tax incentives. As an MBE we also have access to events and conferences that you might not otherwise have the ability to attend. Working with an MBE can expand your network, allowing you to make connections and create long term partnerships that will expand your reach. 

Another benefit of working with a MBE/EDGE certified company is that we have already been vetted for reliability.  In order to receive this designation we have to show that we meet or exceed our clients expectations in addition to being financially responsible. Studies show that working with minority-owned enterprises reduces overall risk across your organization. It also enables you to expand your client base to a whole new demographic. According to research by the Hackett Group, working with a certified minority-owned business can add an extra $3.6 million to an organization’s bottom line. With as much as 130% return on investment for every $1 million spent on procurement operating costs, companies who work with minority-owned enterprises can quickly realize tangible competitive advantages.