LC Media + Marketing

A full service multicultural marketing firm in NE Ohio

About LC Media

LC Media + Marketing is a consulting agency specializing in marketing strategies and creative development. We work with a pool of expert content creators that ensure our clients’ visions go from an idea to launch to measurable results!

  • LC Media’s mission is to serve our clients by executing authentic marketing campaigns that positively impact the communities they are intended to serve.
  • Our diverse team of consultants specialize in three core categories 1) Marketing & Communications, 2) Data & Research, and 3) Media Production.
  • Our goal is to provide each client with creative strategies to reach their target audience both locally and nationally.
  • We keep cost and long-lasting relationships in mind which has allowed us to provide these services since 2015.
  • We specialize in video storytelling, working with production partner 216 Studios.
  • Due to our well-rounded, diverse team we can market to niche multicultural groups along with reaching the general population.

This is why LC Media’s diverse team of consultants specialize in marketing messages that not only meet the organization’s mission, but are also well received by the intended audiences. Our well-rounded team can help with general AND multicultural marketing campaigns. As of 2022, LC Media is a certified WBE, MBE, and EDGE minority owned business enterprise in the state of Ohio. We are a one-stop shop for multicultural media consulting and content creation plus+!

Photo taken on set at 216 Studios, our video production partner



61% Have better ad recall of brands advertised in Spanish


71% Are more inclined to buy brands advertised in Spanish


57% Have better comprehension of Spanish-related ads